NES Newsletter – Jim Case – September 2015

Jim Case

From Jim Case, Supervisor of Rehabs & Turnovers

Most property management companies nickel and dime their clients by marking up every service provided on their properties.

I’m Jim Case, Supervisor of all BCFP rehabs and all NES turnovers.  Thus, I am the one person that knows about every aspect of maintenance on each property.  It may sound like a lot of responsibility and quite candidly – it is!

We don’t mark up any invoices from contractors or materials so when we do a “turnover” for you – it’s at our exact cost and all savings are passed on to you.

Our internal mantra for this business is that the investors must make money through the performance of their properties.

Three months ago I hired a full-time maintenance guy in order to save money for our investors.  We placed this guy on our books and we only invoice the owners for his time on their property.  This has worked well and we are currently searching for our 2nd full time maintenance employee.

When these invoices are reviewed collectively with Anthony, we make sure warranty work is paid for by BCFP and any tenant damage is charged to the tenant.

Our turnkey operation is way different than other so called turnkey operators or property managers.  Anthony receives offers to manage other investor’s properties every single week and he continues to turn them down.  Most investors don’t keep their properties like we do and that’s because we have created a reputation for beautiful and clean houses, located in good areas.  We could do less work on turnovers and still get houses rented but eventually, it would damage the reputation we’ve worked so hard to attain.

I want to make sure you understand something that should be very important to you.  If your house goes vacant – there is always some work to be done.  Typically, Anthony will call me after he views the house and after our discussion I place the most efficient crew in your house, removing them from other ongoing rehabs of new BCFP properties.   Thus, we attempt to fix and rent your house as fast as possible.

If you ever have a questions regarding your rehab or turnover, please contact me at

-Jim Case