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Gratitude – R. J. Palano

Future of Single Family House Rentals – R. J. Palano


Note from Got Our Home – Bridgette Cruz and Anthony Salmeri


Whenever anyone asks me how I’m doing my response is typically; I woke up today so I’m doing fantastic. I see you made it too; Congratulations!

This past Christmas my wife gave me and the office staff the “Five-Minute Journal” in which I journal in each day of what I’m grateful for. When I think and dwell on all the wonderful people that have touched my life, I know that I am a blessed man. For starters, I married my high school sweetheart and I’m still married to her to this day. Believe me, we’ve been through thick and thin and when it’s thin, that’s when you find out how strong your relationship is. Here’s a picture of us right after high school.

I have found that starting the day with a refreshing and thankful mindset of gratitude allows me to feel more connected to not only myself, but also to my environment. It’s the exact opposite of how I feel when I’m stressed or depressed if I allow myself to focus on negativity. And yes, I would all be lying if I didn’t admit that there have been times in my life when I felt depressed.
“Empathy is more than simple sympathy, which is being able to understand and support others with compassion or sensitivity. Simply put, empathy is the ability to step into someone else’s shoes, be aware of their feelings and understand their needs”.  We have to put ourselves out there, and a lot of times we might not do that on our own. But if you have one or two good colleagues who are supportive of your efforts, then you’re more likely to take a chance. And without taking chances, you’ll never know your capacity.” Giacomo Bono, Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Applied Psychology at California State University, points out that this give-and- take is a foundation for all our social and business networks because expressing gratitude is the key to developing trust.

One of my favorite authors and speakers was Zig Ziglar who passed away in 2012.  Zig said it best: “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.” Take a moment and just think of all the lives you’ve impacted – I mean positively impacted because the world is filled with double minded people who negatively impact you – if you let them. “Left to their own devices, our minds tend to hijack every opportunity for happiness,” says Robert Emmons, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis. “Negativity, Entitlement, Resentment, and Ungratefulness all clamor for our attention.  Weighed down by negativity, we are worn down emotionally and physically exhausted. Gratitude is an ally to counter these internal and external threats that rob us of sustainable joy.”

I’ve lived this cycle of negativity and I’ll tell you it hurts.  The fortunate thing for me, is the people I surround myself with in my inner circle that lift me up when I’m under attack.  My hope for you is that you have the same type of positive people around you and you don’t become a victim of “Stinkin Thinkin.” The world is filled with people that want what you’ve got but they probably would never make the sacrifices that you and I have made to attain the personal finances and personal freedom we enjoy.  I personally know many of the investors reading this and, in many ways, we are very similar. We sweat blood and tears for our business and the people we serve. Why?  Because we care. Because we know if we put good seeds in the ground the harvest will come. If you don’t really care about the people you serve, you won’t last in this world and you rob yourself of the joy of that feeling of connectedness and purpose. Without purpose, you might as well stay in bed all day because you’re never going to live that day to the fullest or reach the capacity you were created for.  The same goes for bad seeds. I pity the fool that sows seeds of distrust, lies, deceit and hatred for surely his harvest is coming.

I look forward to everyday; it’s a new dawn with the new opportunities and challenges to overcome.  A life without challenges is a boring life – you’re already half dead. In my world life is a series of challenges that have to be met and I’m grateful for everyone that comes my way. Our reactions to challenges define our character and often we are refined by the fire only to come out better when we overcome the challenges at hand.

When I look back over the last 63 years, that’s right, I turned 63 last December, I am amazed at all the obstacles that stood in my path and my pursuit of excellence and success. The funny thing is when I look back, they seemed like tough challenges at the time, but I always progressed and moved forward and came out significantly better in the end.  That my friend is wisdom. Looking back those challenges were nothing more than a stone in my shoe and as time goes by they seem more like a grain of sand.

It’s a fact of life we all get tested in one way or another.  For some, they lose a child, a spouse, they get sick or a tragic accident.  I wouldn’t trade any of my challenges for any of yours that’s for sure. You want to know why?  Because each one of us are endowed with the seeds for success by our Creator and have the ability to overcome any challenge put in front of us. So, ignore the doomsayers in your life and go out and conquer.

With a heart full of gratitude, we focus on the giftedness in life and every one of you are gifted in some way. Look at what you’ve overcome in your life – take a minute – you won’t believe it. Create a timeline of success and failures and you know what? Most of your learning came when you were experiencing failure. We affirm that goodness exists, even among the rancor of daily life. This realization is exhilarating, freeing and redeeming.

Gratitude works. And so you know; I’m so grateful to play a small part in your life and I appreciate the opportunity to learn together and work together.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excellence!”
– R. J. Palano


As we approach the 2nd quarter of 2018, the prospect of house values continuing to rise in the U. S. is very strong, especially the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida.

Going forward, BuyCashFlowProperties.com is acquiring properties in both areas. Personally, I like the Atlanta area better for holding houses long term, due to the low cost of doing business there and it is a PRO-business State. The comfortable climate in the winter is what attracts snowbirds (people from the North to Florida). However, in the late summer and early fall is hurricane season. And last year with hurricane Irma approaching residents were really scared and some left for good. For me, I don’t want to take the chance of a large rental portfolio being wiped out with one storm. So, I have less than a dozen houses in Florida and much more in Atlanta.

Since our main focus is Atlanta, my remarks and research in this column will be specific to that area.

Atlanta is one of the top cities for millennials according to niche.com. It is quickly floating to the top of recent graduate’s lists of where to move to in 2018. This city offers a young population, plenty of diversity, great access to coffee shops, restaurants, low crime and high safety levels. Of course, there are some areas to avoid like every major city in the U. S. and we avoid those areas for holding real estate investments.

For renters and owners alike, it offers one of the top job markets in the U. S. and is cost-effective. While it doesn’t have the craze of Silicon Valley, Atlanta is still booming according to rentberry.com

Trees aren’t the only thing growing there! It’s known as the canopy city in the U. S. as there are so many trees – truly beautiful. 26 companies headquartered in metro Atlanta are among the 2017 Fortune 1000, of which 15 companies are also rated in the 2017 Fortune 500. In the fiscal year 2016, these 26 companies generated aggregate revenues of 373.9 billion dollars.

The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, United Parcel Post (UPS) and Delta Airlines are all names you are familiar with. It is the second fastest-growing economy, among the top 10 U. S. metro areas in 2015, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It’s the transportation hub of the South East and you can readily see that by driving anytime of day through the metro area.

For investors, the rental property’s location is directly linked to profitability. Home Union released a list of the top-performing markets for single-family house rentals to help hedge funds and property managers scour the country for best places to buy investment properties. After considering such factors as investment returns, after operating costs, strong local economies, rent to income ratios, supply of new construction, and turnover times, Atlanta emerged as one of the best Cities in the nation to invest in rental property.

This State’s economy will add 86,700 jobs in 2018 with 18% of the new Atlanta jobs being “premium positions”, that are paying over $60,000 per year.

Labor shortages, rising mortgage rates and higher lumber cost are looming which point to increased values of properties. The labor shortage is very obvious in the construction business, as reliable quality workers are hard to find. That shortage of construction workers in every area of the trades are reflected on rehab cost to properties. Everyone is paying more to get work done. It seems like Trump sent all the workers back to Mexico! The reality is that quality rental houses cost more than they did a few years ago and so does the maintenance. This has not slowed the demand for rentals, because investors both inside the U. S. and outside the U. S. need a safe place to put their money where they can achieve monthly income and appreciation in value.

That isn’t happening in the stock market – it’s somewhat volatile and the stock market is due for a major correction. That isn’t happening in Bitcoin either. While some investors made the “Bitcoin fortune” others got bit in the butt. I’m writing about safe income for building long-term wealth and that’s what a portfolio of rental houses can do for you.

Foreign investors bought a record number of properties in the U. S. last year. And now, with the dollar dropping against other currencies, the opportunity is even greater for foreigners.

I must confess, we have not kept up with the demand for houses and in fact we are taking orders, and reserving houses for investors before we can complete the rehab and have them rented. Hedge Funds are buying direct from us prior to doing a rehab and you could be too.


Yes, I’m bullish on Atlanta and yes I’m currently adding to my personal portfolio of houses for the production of predictable income and long term wealth. If you’d like to add to yours, call me direct and feel free to ask me anything about the U. S. market place.

Recently, I’ve invested in some commercial projects and IPOs (initial price offerings) in the stock market. I know that sounds crazy coming from a “single-family house guy” but I like some excitement too and there are many opportunities available. Three companies I invested in are going public this year. And you know what? If the investments work out as I expect, I will take those profits off the table and invest in more houses for safety, income and growth.






2017 was a year of adjustment for BuyCashFlowProperties.com.

Since the US single-family house market has stabilized, there are less opportunities for below-market value acquisitions. The hedge funds that acquire these type of assets are still active, some more than others. For the above average family operation like myself, we’ve returned to our roots on how we acquire houses. That is; we’ve abandoned mortgage foreclosures for the most part and we are back to marketing for distressed sales directly from homeowners. This is how I cut my teeth in this business back in the early 1980s. The funds are still buying at the courthouse steps and their acquisition price has little regard to do with the cost of rehab. in many cases they pay over retail for the properties. It would be crazy for mid-sized operations like me to do that because we are in the market to buy and sell in today’s marketplace. The funds have a hugh advantage over small operations because their cost of money is so low and in some cases backed by the government at 1% interest. When the cost of money is that low, you can afford to overpay and you’re going to make a profit on cash flow and you have a giant potential for upside returns in an appreciating market. That’s why the funds are still buying.

So, we’re back to the basics in marketing in every which way possible for distressed owners that need to sell now.
Since the real estate market has risen so much across the US, it’s been more profitable for us to sell houses retail to wannabe homeowners. Part of this reason is because the price points have moved up on many of the house we acquire and get sold for over $200,000.00. We could look at other markets in the US, but I am bullish on Atlanta due to the growth in the area, job creation and moderate climate. We do acquire less expensive properties in the Atlanta market but they’re not the kind that you would want to own for long-term appreciation and cash flow. These are the types of houses we wholesale to other investors because lower income properties are much more management and maintenance intensive. In some areas the skill set required to manage these types of properties includes a gun and a Doberman Pincher. But there is a market for these types of properties and we tie them up on a contract and wholesale them to other investors who have mastered this niche. Not for me. I lived that life in Buffalo, New York in the 1980s and 90s and even though I bought the upper end of the low income properties, it’s a thankless job and I got kicked in the teeth. Many of you heard me speak of my adventures in New York while on my first tour of the cities in South Africa in 2013. If not, the videos are still on the BuyCashFlowProperties.com website under education – then scroll down to additional education labeled “Money Talks”, the song written by AC/DC. That was one of my favorite presentations in Johannesburg, as the energy in the room was so high that day when I came out to the music of that song. You can still see it on the website.


The simple answer is, it all depends.  The real question you have to ask yourself is why did you buy houses in the first place?  If you bought houses for cash flow and upside appreciation, along with getting your foot into a safer economy, a safer currency then why would you sell? The only reason I can think of for people to sell now is that you have a greater need or opportunity for the money. It really all starts out with the goals you created for yourself and your family. And everybody’s goals are different.

If something is working, why would you change it?  Again, the reason is if you have a greater need for the money or better opportunity that you can take advantage of.

Another consideration is the US dollar is weakening against other currencies, which makes it a good time to invest in the US.

Last year I sold approximately one third of my portfolio of houses to a hedge fund. But there’s more to that story. You see, most of my houses were held in retirement accounts and upon the sale of those properties there was no income taxes. And in some case I did a 1031 exchange into other properties so that I wouldn’t have to recognize any income tax on that sale as well. For most of you reading this, if you sell your properties, you will pay income taxes and you would dilute your working capital.

When I spoke at the IMN Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in December, I was on a shark tank panel and I was presenting one of our investors portfolio of approximately 50 houses.  A lot of interest was generated by my presentation and in the end the sellers raised the price of their houses and never concluded a sale. I’ve seen this over and over with investors now. They say they want to sell their house and then all of a sudden they get sellers remorse, or they’re just testing the market. Or, they go back to their original reasons and goals for buying the houses and realize there’s no point in selling when they’re making cash flow and the properties are going up in value.       

I was listening to one of the other speakers at that same event and he said that  60% of all investors that outsource their property management don’t like the property manager. Property management is the foundation of holding rentals. If that foundation cracks or breaks all bets are off. There have been times when my own properties suddenly needed a new HVAC unit or a septic tank. Expenses I wasn’t expecting but you know what, it comes with the territory. Oh, I cringe like every other investor reading this and I know it’s part of the business. When the  temperature dipped below 20° for extended periods of time in Atlanta this winter, I had a couple of HVAC units that had to be replaced because they were working so hard to heat the house and they burned out. It’s a fluke, and it happened, and it’s no one’s fault. Just like it’s hard to fix blame when the stock market goes down, you really can’t blame it on the stockbroker that sold you the stock. One thing I do know, and I know for sure is the management company we all use never, marks up a fee for repairs, turnovers or maintenance of any kind and every other property management company does. One of my closest friends teaches property management companies how to mark up their fees so I know this is an industry standard. And that’s probably why 60% of all investors that outsource their property management don’t like their property management company.  My business is strictly buying and selling houses to investors and to homeowners. For our investors, I give a one-year warranty and I gotta tell you, I’ve paid in excess of $100,000.00 to keep those warranties in place over the last six years. During the first 4 years, we never even told the investors about the repairs made to their houses and I’ve come to realize that’s ridiculous because you need to know that I’ve honored our agreement and always will – no matter the financial impact on me.

To sell or not to sell? It’s really a personal choice based on your goals. My goal was to have a certain number of houses without debt that provided for my family’s lifestyle. Once I reached that benchmark, I created new goals that allowed me to be more, so I could make more, so I could give more. And guess what, I’ve gone back into the market and bought some more houses and I’m holding and I plan to add more.


We have investors that tell us what they are looking for. If we dont have it – then we keep an eye out for the investment that fits their needs.


I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start. I get asked on a daily basis if Atlanta is still a good market to invest in and my answer is definitely YES! Not only is it a good and stable rental market, the prices of homes are appreciating daily.

The demand for homes in the Atlanta area is better than ever right now! Inventory is low, as people and businesses look to move into the area.

The more demanding it became the more I realized I needed to refocus on meeting the needs of our Investors and increase inventory now. In order to support the demand for rental properties; I will be transitioning into more of an Acquisition Management role.

I will continue to act as an Investor liaison and of course be here to better support you and your property needs but have relinquished a number of my responsibilities. In recent months we began to really evaluate all the areas that we knew we needed to improve upon as a Management Company. Those findings led us to bringing on a COO; Chief Operating Officer who could truly oversee all Operations and with fresh eyes, implement changes That would be crucial in our future effectiveness and growth.

With that being said I am excited to introduce Bridgette Cruz as our new Chief Operating Officer and Regional Manager. 


Bridgette is acknowledged for having over 15 years’ experience in Single and Multi-family Investments, Renovations, and Property Management. Managing thousands of units and personally investing and renovating over 200 major single-family homes.

She takes pride in taking things that may not be performing well and accelerating them to their highest potential.

She has already come along side not only the Corporate office team but the Portfolio Managers and even contractors to bring more efficient structures and policies into place to better serve you our Clients and our Residents.

We are excited to share a few things you can anticipate to see the “fruit” of in months to come:

● An Increase in market rents
● Lower turnover and maintenance repair cost
● Decrease in vacancy loss
● A more efficient screening process
● Aggressive collection/delinquency resolution process
● Online work order process for maintenance repairs
● Online Landlord Protection Plan Inspection reports
● Better communication with you……period.

Bridgette has already begun to reach out to Investor Clients on a one on one basis in an effort to hear for herself what we could be doing better. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


OR CALL HER AT: 1-866-521-7715




January 2016 Newsletter

IMG_1241Why the U.S. is the Best Place to Buy Real Estate

Well, have you looked around the globe lately? The world as we know it appears to be more chaotic than ever. It doesn’t take a lot of research and studying to realize the demographics of the world have endured major change and the future path countries and regions choose will impact us all.

The face of Europe will look completely different in the years to come as immigrants from war-torn nations will populate the area. Existing European households have been on the decline for over 10 years, thus we might see more mosques than churches in the years to come.

This will impact the economies of individual countries and clearly the real estate markets as well. The Australian economy is sluggish at best and cash on cash rates of return are so low that most investors are “parking” their funds here with 1-2% cash flow. This is due to financing being easily obtained – especially for the Chinese.

Does this make sense as a business model? Just because you can get financing, should you?

Where else? South America, Central America, Mexico, developing countries in Africa?

I’m not a gambler. As I grow older, I desire to minimize my risk as I have already had a couple “do overs” in my life. A “do over” is when you completely change your path of progress by innovating a new direction for your business.

The case is easily made in the U.S. for real estate portfolios because it is the safest economy in the world. My country has issues like all the others, but our downside is mitigated by our ability to continually innovate and our rule of law – which is still safer than most countries.

Are we perfect? Heck no. We are simply the safest place to lay off risk and hedge against inflation, while obtaining safe cash flow.

I just read an article in a real estate magazine about an investor that highly touts investing in your own backyard. Clearly, we can all see the advantage of investing locally as you can see and touch your investment. However, this doesn’t work for most foreigners with their beleaguered governments and the winds of change toward more socialism. It doesn’t work for me either as I live in Tampa, Florida and its market is no comparison to other, safer markets within the U.S.

Unfortunately, many investors never count the cost for delaying purchase opportunities and/or buying only on cash flow dynamics. Buying strictly for cash flow clouds investors’ thinking because you always must have an exit plan. I’ve made more money in the last 3 years on the appreciation of real estate values on my single family houses in Atlanta than I have in cash flow.

A classic example would be the house I acquired on Argonne in Fairfield Plantation, located in Villa Rica, GA, a bedroom community of Atlanta. I paid $105,000 for the house and rehabbed it for an additional $11,000. It rented for $1,200 per month with a net cash flow of approximately $830 per month. The cash flow was far above what I could have earned on stocks, CDs, gold or other investments. But the real money was made on the sale 14 months after acquisition, for $180,000.

You can’t do this on properties in Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix or Las Vegas. In fact, it’s unlikely you could do this in any 2nd tier city in the U.S. The key to investing in the U.S. it to buy where there is a huge influx of in-migration. That is, areas of the country that people are moving to. There are statistics all over the internet that can provide you with insights into where you should buy in the U.S.

The second key to investing is to make darn sure you hire a property manager that:

  1. Communicates timely.
  2. Constantly innovates new ideas for better service.
  3. Knows how the court systems and markets are evolving.
  4. Doesn’t bleed investors for markups on services.
  5. Puts investors returns ahead of his own.

I could have boiled that all down to: a quality manager has long term thinking and sees each investor as someone they can do business with forever.

It’s been 6+ years since we’ve been investing in the Atlanta, GA area. We were there when houses were at their lowest levels and we continue to buy as prices appreciate. It is my personal intention to acquire 7 more houses in my portfolio during 2016. All of the houses I keep will be in the metropolitan Atlanta area. We remain bullish with our outlook on this area and recognize there are less opportunities to acquire with stiffer competition. Last year, we acquired 50% less houses than the year before but you know what? We also profited about 50% less on each house. But, you know what else? Our investors got rock solid houses, didn’t overpay and we are delighted to know we have served all the people that have made all of our progress possible.

At some point for maturing businesses, its more about relationships than money. Treat the relationships right and the money will come. To that end: the best investment opportunity comes around every 24 hours. We don’t push. We just make sure we buy right because in the end, if you buy right and you buy enough in the right areas – you can retire rich!

To your past success in 2015, and your future success in 2016!

RJ Palano

Acquisitions Specialist


(813) 435.1551 ext. 1001

IMG_0543 IMG_0544

A Letter from Anthony, January 2016

ASCongratulations on surviving the holiday season and it is time to move toward the goals you set for yourself and your family in 2016.

While most of our investors take a month off over the holidays – we never stopped working for you.

In fact, we rented 22 houses in December, which is a record for the slowest month of the year. As the demand for housing in Atlanta continues, the supply has been greatly reduced. Most of you have made more money on the appreciation of values over cash flow in 2015. I know this because I have seen some of the recent investor sales and was delighted to see the profit some of you realized. However, since 99% of you didn’t sell, you probably don’t realize just how well your properties have performed.

It is quite obvious that so many people are relocating to Atlanta from other parts of the country. The applications suggest that the in-migration to Atlanta is strong because job creation is very strong.

Turnovers continue to be the biggest challenge with real estate. Every investor hates turnover, and for good reason. Inevitably, there is a loss of rent and always some repairs to do. We never want to do more than we have to and the rehab is driven by what needs to get done while factoring in time of year. Unless a house has curb appeal it’s a challenge to rent, especially during the holiday season when rentals are slow.

And…there are always some houses that seem to take longer for one reason or another. But, the dumbest thing we could do as property managers is to simply put a tenant in your house that is not qualified. No one wants your houses rented as much as I do, but we must qualify the tenants. It cost a lot more in the long run to put a marginally qualified tenant into your house. The Portfolio Managers are in contact with your tenants prior to lease expirations in order to re-lease them.

In 2015, about 1 dozen homes were sold by investors and every investor realized a profit except one.

If it is your desire to sell in 2016, please let us know right away so we can first contact the tenant to determine if they are able to purchase, and/or we can make your investment available to other investors.

Contact me direct anytime to discuss your portfolio at (813) 335-3980 or email me at ASalmeri@NationalERAServicing.com

Make it a great year!

Anthony Salmeri

National ERA Servicing LLC, Managing Member

National ERA Servicing Newsletter from the President – September 2015


It’s been a long hot summer here in Atlanta and we are looking forward to cool mornings and evenings in the fall.  As most of you know, we have a moderate climate with a fairly mild winter.

With the heat in summer comes the calls from tenants requesting air conditioning repairs.  This is one item that will really ruin a landlord-tenant relationship if not handled immediately.

When it’s over 100 degrees most air conditioning systems have a hard time keeping the entire property cool. This also causes the unit to work harder than normal.  Thus, the most repetitive area for maintenance calls during summer is A/C and conversely during winter, the heating systems.

When these calls come in, I personally handle them to make sure that we act quickly as well as determine who will be responsible for the maintenance call.  As well to see if it is a repair the tenant can perform to reduce your expense. Since we’ve changed our leases with the tenants, we have initiated billing invoices to the tenants for repairs.  In hopes to deter them from calling in repairs that they are responsible for.

On our side, we want to make sure the responsible party is getting charged and sometimes, it falls under a home warranty that was given by BCFP.  (www.BuyCashFlowProperties.com)

In an average week, we might get 15-25 calls requesting repairs.  On a day where the temperature is over 105 degrees Fahrenheit, we might get 30-40, primarily A/C related.  Thus, our relationships with our A/C contractor as well as all other trades, is very important.  We endeavor to keep all expenses to a minimum for investors while doing all we can to increase cash flow.

Recently, we collected $10,000 for an option agreement from a tenant and $5,000 on another.  In fact, we increase option payments whenever possible to increase investor returns.  We have added one full time maintenance man to reduce investor repair cost and we are going to add another full time maintenance man as well.

The rental market is very strong in Atlanta right now as our days on the market for available rentals is under 22 days.  This is a far cry from where we were 3 years ago and the main reasons for this are:

  1. Portfolio Managers – have assumed responsibility for their areas: rentals and collections, and they are doing an excellent job as they are only paid on their results.
  2. Our reputation on the streets is excellent!  Prospective tenants have expectations on how a “NES” property will look and that they can expect fair treatment in all situations.  Communication is critical with tenants and the timeliness of communication is what sets us apart from others.
  3. Our communications with investors has improved but it’s still not acceptable to us and we continue to make strides in this direction.

A few times this year, an investor found out about repairs on their monthly statement prior to my assessment of the situation.  This is an area I continue to strive to get better.  I take it very seriously to mitigate circumstances surrounding your property and I always endeavor to deliver the best result possible given the details of the situation.

I want you to know that every single problem that ever happens on any of the 720+ houses we manage ultimately ends up on my desk.  Typically I evaluate and personally make a determination as to how to treat the situation and contact with them.  In some past instances, an investor discovered the situation due to monthly reports prior to my notification as to what was going on at the property.  Please understand, I cannot involve every investor in our property management decision making.  You hired us to do the work so you could have a passive real estate investment.  We really don’t like to interfere with your day to day life, thus I typically contact you after I’ve set a course for action and it’s resolved! I make the decisions based on your best interest and as if it was my home.  We are the ones on the ground, communicated with the tenants and know the details of the situation.

We know you want to know what’s going on with your houses and for most items, we will not bother you.  We only contact you on repair issues over $500, unless it’s an emergency.  Or, if the cost is close to $500 and is something that has to be done, that way we avoid a potential two trip charge to the property that could cost much more.

Every investor should already have received 2 of the 3 LLPP reports (Landlord Protection Plan).  If you have not, please contact me.  These reports give you 3 “report cards” on the house and the tenant each year.  We contract with a few different companies to provide these services for you and we also review every report that comes in, taking action where needed.

Many of our investors still have the same tenants that initially rented their homes 3-5 years ago.  It’s our goal to keep a good tenant as long as possible because turnover can be costly.  No one wants to replace carpet and paint every 3 years and we do all we can to minimize the work without compromising the product.  Whenever possible, we clean carpets, paint only a few walls and freshen up the landscaping.  All of these turnovers are done at our exact cost and I use the most efficient crews available to keep your costs down.  At all times I revert back to RJ from BCFP and Jim Case, who oversees rehabs and turnovers.

Collectively, we sort out situations and set the course of action that would be most beneficial for you.  We share the same attitude, simply: “The Investor Comes First.”

In the last few months we’ve sold 8 houses for International Investors.  All of them made money on their sales and they sold for different reasons.  Some needed money for their kids, building a new home or for their own business.
Keep in mind, if you need to sell or have a greater need for your money now, let me know and we can give you an idea of value and a timeframe to dispose of the property.

As always, contact me at any time to discuss your portfolio, issues, potential new acquisitions or whatever.

-Anthony Salmeri

NES Newsletter – Letter from RJ – September 2015


Letter from RJ // BCFP – Acquisitions Specialist

Hello my friends, this is RJ from BuyCashFlowProperties.com (BCFP) and I hope my first article finds you in good health.  First, I want to say thank you for buying property from us and then placing these properties under management with Anthony (NES).  I know that if you’re getting this newsletter, then you have bought houses from BCFP.  Anthony is under agreement to only manage what we sell.  Why?  Quality control.  Some real estate pros acquire cheap houses in cheap areas which simply require too much time, aggravation and in the end, everyone loses time and money.  Thus, we have an agreement between us that puts our investors first and the delivery of exceptional service at reasonable prices is our highest goal.  We want you to be successful!

2015 has been a year of fear, not just in the financial markets, but the world in general.  No one can deny the disruptions of life in the Middle East and look at what is going on in Europe!  Are the rest of us that live in other parts of the world immune to these terrible events?  HECK NO!!

All you have to do is turn on the TV or buy a newspaper and there are terrible situations going on throughout the world.  By the way, this has been going on since the beginning of time and we know it.

Look at the U.S. dollar and the global currency crisis.  I could not imagine doing business in your country.  It’s too hard!  Then when you’re successful, you lose the International value of your money against the U.S. dollar.  That’s screwed up unless you plan to stay in your country and spend all your money there…of course, then you still have to deal with inflation.

For us Americans, all we have to do is apply ourselves in a worthwhile business and we can be successful.  We’re not worried about what to eat tonight, if ISIS is rolling in or if our currency will fall against foreign currencies.  All of our problems are First World problems and you know what?  We as Americans should not complain as we enjoy more freedom than most of the countries we serve.  For you Canadians…you have it pretty good too.  It’s the Europeans, South Americans, South Africans and Chinese that really have issues far worse than our country.

America is still home of the free and the brave and it feels like the brave will have to continue to fight for our individual freedom.  I cannot imagine living anywhere else that has less freedom, more socialistic policies and tighter control over their citizens.

With that being said; what can you really do?  The answer is: take care of yourself and your family. 

If you like where you are – stay there.

If you think it’s going to improve – stay there.

If you’re making money there – stay there.


If you think it’s going to get worse and you’re not making money – GET OUT NOW!


If you’re making money – Use only what you need in your business and get the rest out!

I can’t imagine what it’s like to wake up one day and find out my net worth dropped 25% overnight for no good reason – except that I lived in the wrong country.

That’s what happened in South Africa last year.

That’s also what happened in Brazil this year.

Folks, I’m suggesting to you that the times we live in are uncertain and are more dangerous in ways than in recent history.

The real estate market in the U.S. is good overall, depending on where you invest.  Many of you have heard me poo-poo other markets outside of Atlanta.  Want to know why?  Because they are not as good – it’s as simple as that.

The Atlanta market is still hot.  Prices aren’t racing up but they are rising.  I’m still acquiring well-located single family houses in my personal portfolio as many of you are reading this.

Even though the market is going up – there are still terrific opportunities for safety, cash flow and growth.

Recently, I heard comments by a U.S. promoter offering rental homes in several cities.  He said that it’s too late for Atlanta, thus he offers houses in areas that support HIS COMMISSION!  I’m suggesting to you right now that it’s still the best time to buy a house in Atlanta.

Business is good or bad in between your ears.  For some of you, it may be time to do some thorough examination of your goals and determine if the path you’ve charted is still the direction you want to go in.  Two years ago, I along with John Chin and my daughter Rose flew to Scottsdale, AZ to attend Tom Hopkin’s last 3 day boot camp on sales.  FYI: Tom is one of the top sales trainers in the world and his material is more relevant than ever.  At this event he said something that I thought was profound.  He said this: “Some of the goals I use to have are not as important to me anymore.”  He said this prior to his 70th birthday and it really hit home to me.  As we age and go through the seasons of life, some things really aren’t as important as they once were.  We all need to go to the “time out” corner and re-evaluate where we are and where we are going.  Our world is changing and we must adapt.  Each one of us must make the decision to impact our families positively.

Our website, www.BuyCashFlowProperties.com is getting a new look with updated relevant information.  Soon, you can sign up, get great current information and see houses before we put them on the market.  Additionally, upon sign up you will automatically get an inspirational quote from me every day that could be a good kick in the ass to get out of bed and be productive.

I will be in South Africa in October, as well as Brazil in October and December (2015).  I look forward to seeing you there.

To your investment success,

RJ Palano

NES Newsletter – Jim Case – September 2015

Jim Case

From Jim Case, Supervisor of Rehabs & Turnovers

Most property management companies nickel and dime their clients by marking up every service provided on their properties.

I’m Jim Case, Supervisor of all BCFP rehabs and all NES turnovers.  Thus, I am the one person that knows about every aspect of maintenance on each property.  It may sound like a lot of responsibility and quite candidly – it is!

We don’t mark up any invoices from contractors or materials so when we do a “turnover” for you – it’s at our exact cost and all savings are passed on to you.

Our internal mantra for this business is that the investors must make money through the performance of their properties.

Three months ago I hired a full-time maintenance guy in order to save money for our investors.  We placed this guy on our books and we only invoice the owners for his time on their property.  This has worked well and we are currently searching for our 2nd full time maintenance employee.

When these invoices are reviewed collectively with Anthony, we make sure warranty work is paid for by BCFP and any tenant damage is charged to the tenant.

Our turnkey operation is way different than other so called turnkey operators or property managers.  Anthony receives offers to manage other investor’s properties every single week and he continues to turn them down.  Most investors don’t keep their properties like we do and that’s because we have created a reputation for beautiful and clean houses, located in good areas.  We could do less work on turnovers and still get houses rented but eventually, it would damage the reputation we’ve worked so hard to attain.

I want to make sure you understand something that should be very important to you.  If your house goes vacant – there is always some work to be done.  Typically, Anthony will call me after he views the house and after our discussion I place the most efficient crew in your house, removing them from other ongoing rehabs of new BCFP properties.   Thus, we attempt to fix and rent your house as fast as possible.

If you ever have a questions regarding your rehab or turnover, please contact me at Jim@GotOurHome.com.

-Jim Case

Landlord Protection Plan (LLPP) & Tax Appeal

 tax bill2013 was the first year we implemented our proprietary LLPP. The results speak for themselves in hard numbers. Our real estate tax appeals delivered terrific results and some of you can see the results by double clicking the chart below.


 If your property was not on the list, email me at asalmeri@nationaleraservicing.com and I will get your results. Our specialist for the appeals had a computer crash and lost all of his data after the process was complete. Thus, send me an email and I will forward you your results.

 Property assessments will be aggressively raised by the county property assessors as values continue to rise in the Atlanta Metro area. It is critical to stay on top of this every year or you are certain to pay more for property taxes. The question is: How much more? If you do nothing, you are at the mercy of the county assessor who probably wants a salary raise. So, if taxes go up, more money for the county coffers. At the end of this newsletter, Jeff George our tax appeal specialist, explains in detail the property appeals process. It will be obvious to you why it is so important to have a specialist involved for this process.                      

 We file on average 10 evictions a month as part of our training of tenants. Most of these are resolved but it still costs an average of $100 to file evictions or $150 for a warm body to handle it in court.

 In case you forgot, under LLPP you never pay for an eviction as that is part of the LLPP service.

 We see a big difference as our educated tenants know that we are inspecting their home three times a year and from our side, the results are overwhelmingly positive. This service is like an umbrella insurance policy on your property and it is proprietary to National ERA Servicing.

Letter of Appeal

  •  Our tax advisor Jeff will file a Letter of Appeal on your behalf, thus disputing the value listed on the Annual Notice of Assessment. The Letter of Appeal will be filed before the county appeal deadline.
  • The county receives and processes the Letter of Appeal submitted by Jeff.
  • The county assigns a staff appraiser to review the property and the disputed value.
  • The county may issue a response to the property owner. The response acknowledges that a letter of appeal has been received by the county and that the parcel value has been placed under appeal.The county’s staff appraiser reviews the value issued on the Annual Notice of Assessment.
  •  The county’s staff appraiser reviews the property characteristics, sometimes by visiting the property.

Following a Board of Assessors’ Review

The county will issue one of two possible letters: A “No Change Letter”: This letter indicates that the county has deemed their value to be appropriate. (Jeff) will receive this letter if the county stands by the value listed on the Annual Notice of Assessment). The appeal moves forward automatically; no action is necessary by Jeff at this time.

  •  A “30-Day Letter”: This letter indicates that the county has revised their opinion of the parcel’s value. (I will receive this letter if the county changes the value of the Annual Notice of Assessment). Jeff will respond to this 30-Day Letter by either accepting the revised value listed on the letter or Jeff will reject the value listed on the letter.
  • Accept the Value: Jeff will look at the new value offered by the county. After further research, if we determine the new value is acceptable and fair, then we will accept the new value listed on the letter. After the letter is signed and accepted by the county, the new value becomes the final value that is used for the tax year bill. The appeal is completed.
  • Reject the Value Jeff will look at the new value offered by the county. After further research, if we determine the new value is not acceptable and fair, then we will reject the value offered by the county. The appeal moved forward to the next step.
  • The appeal process ends if the revised value is not rejected by Jeff within 30 days. This will ensure that your appeal moves forward.Boards of Equalization Hearing—(BOE)
  •  After the Board of Assessors’ review, the appeal is “certified” to the Boards of Equalization.
  • A hearing is then scheduled by the Boards of Equalization to establish a value for the parcel (We have almost no influence on the selection of a hearing date or time).
  • The county issues a Hearing Notice to Jeff, typically 3-4 weeks in advance of the hearing date.
  • The county’s staff appraiser prepares a case to present at the hearing.
  • Jeff prepares a case to present at the hearing.
  • The hearing occurs, and the two appraisers present their respective cases.
  • Based on the evidence which is presented, the members of the Boards of Equalization (usually a panel of three members) will establish a value for the parcel.
  • Within 10 days of the hearing Jeff is issued, by certified mail, a Decision Letter to announce the outcome of the hearing.

After 30 days, the value established by the Boards of Equalization is used to update the county records, unless the property owner wishes to appeal the value further, to Superior Court.

FAQ / Myths

“They lowered my value last year so I will not be successful with an appeal this year”

In some states the assessment of property is mandated yearly. In Georgia, for example, there is a “freeze” placed on the market value after an appeal is settled. This “freeze” in market value is only from an increase in market value. If your property has decreased in value you may still appeal and still get a reduction.

 The assessor will correct my market value if they find that if it is incorrect”

Legislative statute in many states prohibits the assessor from “arbitrarily” changing market values. The value that is placed on your property is assumed to be correct unless you appeal the value. In Georgia the taxing authority must prove their value when that value is appealed.

Final Note from Jeff:

Lower Property Taxes

Fighting local government about your property tax valuation is more complicated than you think and most investors/property owners have neither the time nor the expertise. Most taxing jurisdictions have a complicated and time consuming process that must be followed to ensure the correct valuation is achieved. That is why property owners are encouraged hire a professional like Jeff to review and audit the valuation created by the county.

Most counties use a mass appraisal methodology in their valuation models. There is no conspiracy by the counties in this approach. The methodology simply creates a more favourable cost vs. benefits result. Counties do not have enough resources to review each property and simply use templates to apply to other similar type properties.




Higher Home Prices But Fewer For Sale

house 4 saleWe are in the best season for rentals in the U.S. and we rented over 20 properties in March and expect to rent 40+ in April. We are already over 35 houses for April and it’s only the 16th of the month.

 Buy Cash Flow Properties, our only turnkey operator that we manage for, continues to provide us 15 – 25 houses per month that get placed into property management.

 The real estate market continues to go up in Atlanta as the supply of houses shrink and the demand continues to grow. Look at the article published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Wednesday March 26, 2014 with the headline: Higher Home Prices But Fewer For Sale


Click Here

There is an old saying we cherish: “Business is good or bad in between your ears”. We live in the greatest country in the world that is ripe with opportunity for those that have the initiative to take action and create a better life for themselves. We have many investors that have replaced their income from a job with rental houses. Last week one of our French investors closed on an executive type house for $257,000 and we had a cash offer from a home buyer within 24 hours for $335,000. He sold it and is buying two more.

 Now that’s exciting, especially if you’re the investor.

 If you would like to increase your holdings in the Atlanta area, simply email RJP@BuyCashFlowProperties.com or call RJ direct @ 813-495-3006.

Changes you should know about:

  1. Beginning this month, April 2014, we are using a cutoff date of the 25th of every month for reporting purposes as well as distributions. Any funds not collected by that time, will be reported and or distributed in the following month or quarter.This was necessary for us to become timelier in our reports to you.
  2.  Emergency Repairs – These will be handled without your approval to avoid personal injury to tenants or others. Regardless if the repair is over $500, we cannot afford to wait for your approval if a tenant’s AC goes out in summer or frozen pipes in winter. This past winter was one of the coldest in decades in Atlanta and on one crisp 8 degree day, we had 46 broken water pipes! They were all repaired within 3 days because we used Buy Cash Flow Properties crews at their costs. Thus, if one of these houses were yours, we saved you a lot of money by preventing much bigger repairs by getting there fast and getting it done at actual cost without any mark up in fees to you.